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  • AbdinCamp

    NO QUARTER: Regime helicopters targeted the Abadin camp in the rebel-controlled southern outskirts of Idlib with two barrel bombs Wednesday, resulting in 25 dead and 40 wounded, Abd Qintar, a citizen journalist in southern Idlib, told Syria Direct Thursday.

  • RaqqaChildren

    AN EDUCATION IN VIOLENCE: Photos of children training in Islamic State (IS) camps in A-Raqqa province circulated on Twitter and Facebook Tuesday by the “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently”  group that documents Islamic State abuses.

  • AssadPicBabAmr2

    POSSESSION IS OWNERSHIP: The Homs City Council determined that the neighborhood Bab Amro in regime-controlled Homs city – the site of the some of the largest protests against the regime during the breakout of the revolution – is an “area of mass [building code] violations” and must be rebuilt from the ground up, according to a document discovered and leaked Monday by pro-opposition daily Zaman al-Wasl.

  • Bab a-Salamah22

    PAVE THE WAY: The Syrian National Coalition ministries of communication, transport and industry began paving roads in north Aleppo’s Atma and Bab a-Salama IDP camps on Sunday after yet another rain-filled autumn flooded the small tent cities that sit on dirt ground.

  • CaptionPic

    FORMERLY HOME: The regime targeted the rebel holdout district of Al-Waer in Homs city Saturday with airstrikes and explosive cylinders—an improvised weapon made from oxygen tanks—killing six men and a child, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

  • YarmoukCamp2

    WATER WARS: Residents of the Yarmouk camp south of Damascus have been without drinking water for more than 40 days since the Assad regime reportedly cut off the camp’s access to water, according to the London-based pro-Palestinian Action Group for Palestinians in Syria.

  • Atmah camp3

    MUD BATH: Unexpectedly heavy rains over the past week in Syria and Lebanon gave an early preview of winter, particularly to those in living in camps.

    The first rains of winter flooded areas across the region last week and left thousands caught off guard by its ferocity.

  • FALSE PROMISES: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Sunday delivered medical aid to the embattled neighborhood Al-Waer, the last rebel-held part of Homs city for the first time in a month, but residents say it is not nearly enough.

    “The medicine that enters Al-Waer comes about once a month,” an activist who works with the Homs Media Center in Al-Waer told Syria Direct Monday. 

  • Tartus-Wedding

    LET THEM EAT WEDDING CAKE: A pro-Assad charity thanked members of the Syrian army by hosting a mass wedding over the weekend in the regime-controlled city of Tartus for 36 military-affiliated men, including soldiers injured in war and the brothers of soldiers killed in combat.

  • Idlib

    NO SANCTUARY: Heavy rains poured down on Aleppo province's Bab a-Salama refugee camp on the Syrian-Turkish border Wednesday, home to more than 10,000 displaced Syrians from Aleppo and Hama, turning the camp into “a mud swamp,” the camp's administration was quoted by pro-opposition Aleppo News as saying.

    Camp administrators called on humanitarian organizations to intervene immediately to aid hundreds of people whose tents were flooded, such as the unnamed woman pictured above.



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Rebel infighting in Idlib

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FSA, Peshmerga headed to Kobani to battle Islamic State

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In a Turkish enclave, IS backs off for now

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Syrian civil society reacts to coalition bombings

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Despite reported airstrikes, Islamic State edges toward Ain al-Arab

September 24, 2014 Reports of US-led airstrikes around Ain al-Arab have not hampered the Islamic State’s march toward the major Kurdish city close to the Turkish border. By Brent Eng and Mohammad... Read more


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Jabhat a-Nusra fighting various fronts in Idlib

October 30, 2014 Opposition forces led by Jabhat a-Nusra conducted a surprise attack against the regime-controlled Idlib city in the eponymous province this past Monday morning,... Read more

Rebels hang on to East Ghouta despite crippling blockade

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Inside Damascus, regime in tight control as resources scarce

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Nusra raids Lebanon to ‘put pressure’ on Hezbollah

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Army chooses ‘military solution’ in Al-Waer

October 23, 2014 Rebels in the holdout neighborhood of Al-Waer in Homs city were negotiating a truce with the regime when two car bombings in front... Read more

Grim life in A-Raqqa under Islamic State rule, coalition bombings

October 22, 2014 Islamic State fighters are adapting to US-led coalition airstrikes in A-Raqqa province. Combatants across cities and towns in A-Raqqa have emptied their headquarters of... Read more

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Fight for Hama town gets bloodier Rebels led by Harakat Hazm and Feilaq a-Sham repelled a regime attempt to capture the opposition-controlled town of Mourek in... Read more

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IS retakes parts of Deir e-Zor city The Islamic State recaptured large swathes of a-Sinaa district in southeast Deir e-Zor city from regime forces on Tuesday,... Read more