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  • Douma91

    BOMBED OUT: Regime warplanes struck various locations across Douma city Wednesday for the fourth consecutive day since Jaish al-Islam carried out missile strikes on Damascus this past Sunday,  reported the Douma LCC.

    At least one strike hit civilians' homes in the city, killing five—including a three woman and one child—and wounding 20 other children 'as a preliminary count,' according to the LCC.

    The Douma LCC published photos of the wounded and dead on their Facebook page Wednesday.

  • Caption

    BREAKING CAMP: A total of 163 residents of rebel-held Yarmouk Camp in Southern Damascus have died of hunger and lack of medical care since the regime and allied Palestinian factions encircled the camp nearly two years ago, reported the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria.

    Six people have died this month alone, the monitoring body said on Monday.

    Starvation is an ongoing problem, an activist inside the camp told Syria Direct on Tuesday.

  • coast

    HIT AND MISS: Jaish al-Islam struck the coastal city of Latakia with three missiles Sunday, killing a total of two people and wounding eight, reported pro-opposition Akhbar al-Heffa.

    The strikes in Latakia city were close to the military security branch building, “except that they missed and hit civilian targets and poor neighborhoods instead,” Saleem al-Amr, a journalist from the northern Latakia countryside, told Syria Direct Monday.

  • OneHand

    THE WILL TO LIVE: Mohammed Sawan, a fighter with the rebel Liwa a-Tawheed brigade in Aleppo province, fled to Antakia after losing his right arm to a regime shell during a firefight, where he resorted to collecting plastic in his handcart to make ends meet, reported pro-opposition al-Etihad Press.

    “I went around to stores searching for work, they told me, 'my son, guys with two hands don't work and you want to?'” Sawan, who appears in the picture above, said in an interview with al-Etihad's correspondent.

  • YaldaTruce

    THE TRUCE HURTS: The Red Crescent distributed food aid to the formerly opposition-controlled town of Yelda in southern Damascus on Wednesday for the second time this month as civilians there still face bombardment and shortages despite a truce signed with the regime nearly a year ago.

    “This installment consists of around 1,000 food baskets, while the first batch, also of 1,000 baskets, entered 10 days ago,” Walid al-Agha, a citizen journalist in southern Damascus, told Syria Direct on Thursday.

  • HomsBombing

    DOUBLE DOWN: A car bomb detonated in the pro-regime Alawite neighborhood of Akrama in Homs city on Wednesday, killing at least seven and injuring dozens of others, reported the monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    “A terrorist car bomb on Hadara Street in the Akrama neighborhood,” said official state news SANA immediately after the bombing. 

    “Initial reports indicate that there are a number of martyrs and injured amongst the civilians.”

  • FuelPrices

    PANEM ET CIRCENSES: The Syrian government raised prices on fuel and bread over the weekend, sparking a crisis in regime-controlled areas in and around the capital amidst cash-strapped civilians.

    “The situation has become unbearable,” Abu Talal al-Homsi, the alias of a resident of regime-controlled Damascus originally from Homs told Syria Direct on Tuesday. 

    “Even before the rise in prices gas was scarce and difficult to obtain,” he said.

  • DamascusBegging

    FLIGHT OF THE CONQUERED: Thousands of civilians reportedly seeking to escape a third year of regime encirclement of their towns streamed from opposition-controlled areas in East Ghouta to regime territory in and around the capital over the weekend.

    “Since Thursday, families have been leaving from different parts of Ghouta, especially residents from al-Ahwash,” a media activist in East Ghouta, who asked to remain anonymous, told Syria Direct on Monday.

  • Syriatna

    NUSRA DRAWS: Jabhat a-Nusra fighters stormed a radio station and a women’s center in Idlib province on Saturday in an attempt to stifle a pro-opposition publication that had distributed pamphlets in support of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, reported the Turkish-based, pro-opposition radio station Radio Watan.

    “A group belonging to Jabhat a-Nusra broke into a local media office and the Radio Fresh headquarters,” said Ra’ed Firas, the director of the Union of Offices for the Revolution in Idlib – a collection of media activists in Idlib – in an interview with Radio Watan.

  • Daraa1234

    DEADLY DARAA: Regime warplanes launched a series of airstrikes over the divided city of Daraa and its outskirts Wednesday, leading to at least six civilian deaths, reported pro-opposition website SyrianPC.

    “The regime is focusing its bombing on [rebel-controlled] areas of the city to force civilians to accept a truce with the regime,” al-Muatasem Billah, the alias of a citizen journalist in the city, told Syria Direct Thursday.



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