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  • Atmah camp3

    MUD BATH: Unexpectedly heavy rains over the past week in Syria and Lebanon gave an early preview of winter, particularly to those in living in camps.

    The first rains of winter flooded areas across the region last week and left thousands caught off guard by its ferocity.

  • FALSE PROMISES: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Sunday delivered medical aid to the embattled neighborhood Al-Waer, the last rebel-held part of Homs city for the first time in a month, but residents say it is not nearly enough.

    “The medicine that enters Al-Waer comes about once a month,” an activist who works with the Homs Media Center in Al-Waer told Syria Direct Monday. 

  • Tartus-Wedding

    LET THEM EAT WEDDING CAKE: A pro-Assad charity thanked members of the Syrian army by hosting a mass wedding over the weekend in the regime-controlled city of Tartus for 36 military-affiliated men, including soldiers injured in war and the brothers of soldiers killed in combat.

  • Idlib

    NO SANCTUARY: Heavy rains poured down on Aleppo province's Bab a-Salama refugee camp on the Syrian-Turkish border Wednesday, home to more than 10,000 displaced Syrians from Aleppo and Hama, turning the camp into “a mud swamp,” the camp's administration was quoted by pro-opposition Aleppo News as saying.

    Camp administrators called on humanitarian organizations to intervene immediately to aid hundreds of people whose tents were flooded, such as the unnamed woman pictured above.

  • FORCED TO FIGHT: This past weekend, Kurdish police forces loyal to the PYD (known as Asayish) began to round up hundreds of young men across Al-Hasakah province, including Kurds, Arabs, Syriac Christians, Armenians and Yazidis, for military training in accordance with a new mandatory service law.

    A spokesman for the Democratic Union Party (PYD) justified the conscription campaign as necessary for upholding Al-Hasakah's security in an interview with Syria Direct.

    “What has happened is not an arrest campaign—in the true sense of the phrase—but rather the implementation of laws that need to be enforced, especially in the state of chaos that Syria is living,” said Ibrahim Ibrahim.

  • عدسة دمشقي

    BLACKOUT: The battle for Syria’s oil and energy resources has meant years of power outages, leaving citizens on their own. 

    Here, a man in the rebel-controlled suburb of Qadem takes his turn charging a group of cell phones powered by riding a stationary bicycle in a photograph posted on social media.

  • Tartus mall

    SOLD OUT: Syria's Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi recently presided over the opening of a new mall in Alawite-majority Tartus province, which cost the state 10 billion Syrian Lira [$62 million] in a move that has angered some pro-regime supporters, reported pro-opposition news agency All4Syria.

    The mall, measuring a total of 32,000 square feet, consists of five floors and is home to various restaurants, shopping outlets, and luxury stores, including RICCI, Sephora, and Explore Apparel, according to the mall's official Facebook page.

  • PIC

    EVICTION NOTICE: The Islamic State on Friday declared 15 villages in northern Aleppo, near the contested city of Kobani and the IS-controlled city of Manbij, a “military zone” and forced approximately 15,000 residents to flee, citing ongoing military operations in the area, reported Dubai-based Al-An TV Saturday.

    Here, a young boy from the village of Mazrat al-Quba loads his family's belongings on a truck in preparation for their departure.

  • sweida

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Pro-regime activists took to the streets of the Druze-majority city of Suwayda to distribute pamphlets condemning the mounting death toll among Suwayda's young men performing mandatory service in the regime army, reported pro-opposition Orient News Wednesday.

    Here, a pamphlet reads “Enough is enough...the sons of Suwayda are being murdered in A-Raqqa and elsewhere...for whose sake...until when...the chair [of power] is for you [Bashar al-Assad]...and the tomb is for our sons,” while women in the picture to the left mourn over their deceased relatives.

  • Jobar

    NO EID IN JOBAR: A young girl in the formerly rebel-held, now contested East Damascus neighborhood of Jobar dons festive Eid clothing [a religious holiday that runs October 4-7], under the caption “I want to go to Eid, but there is no Eid in Jobar...Happy New Year.”

    “Bashar al-Assad is bombing us...Bashar didn't leave us any Eid,” the girl continues, in a video clip circulated Tuesday by pro-opposition channel Syria al-Ghad.



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